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5 Tips for Selling Your Boerne House with the Current Market conditions

Despite the shifting real estate trends, home prices remain on an upwards trend as overall inventory is still low. This creates a seller’s market due to laws of supply and demand; current reports from both The U.S Census Bureau and Department of Housing show only about 8 months worth for sale nationwide. While recent sales have slowed somewhat, the average time spent in market has decreased by just 20 days over a 4-month span according to St Louis Federal Reserve data – standing at 50 days during September 2022 .

When you’re ready to put your Boerne home on the market, preparing for success is key. With hundreds of house listings out there competing with yours, it’s up to you make sure that potential buyers see what sets your property apart from the rest! Here are five strategies for selling in today’s competitive housing environment and getting top dollar quickly- read on to uncover them now!


If you’re looking to maximize the price of your Boerne property, it’s important that you prepare for the sales process. That may include enlisting professional stagers who will present your home in its best light–which could mean storing extra furniture or possessions off-site and adding a fresh coat of paint (although new flooring might be recommended if not brand new). The team at RAW Capital are experts when it comes to helping sellers get their properties ready for listing, so make to sure reach out with any questions about prepping! Of course, if you would rather skip the prepping, a direct sale to one of the local professional buyers at RAW Capital may be your solution.


Do you need to sell your Boerne property quickly but are unsure of how much repairs will cost? Have buyers been demanding more discounts than what the repair job is worth? If so, then consider selling as-is directly to professional investors like those at RAW Capital. With their help, you could find a hassle free solution for getting your house sold in no time!


Selling your home in today’s market doesn’t have to be expensive. Top agents know that professional digital imagery and 360-degree drone footage are essential for meeting the high expectations of buyers – but if you want an even more cost effective solution, companies like RAW Capital offer a direct sale option with no need for marketing fees or expenditure.


The home selling process can be a hassle, but with the right plan in place it can get easier. Make sure there is an agreed-upon system for clearing out your house when potential buyers come into town – plus don’t forget to hide any signs that pets live inside! If all that seems like too much of an effort on top of everything else you’re juggling, consider working with professional buyers such as those at RAW Capital, who are ready and willing to purchase homes directly from sellers without showings or online listings required.


Selling your Boerne home successfully in the current market requires smart pricing from the get-go. Listing too high can lead to a lack of interest, while undervaluing sends up red flags for buyers who may start wondering why it’s so cheap. To save time and maximize value on your house, precision when setting that initial price point is key! For many people, their home is more than simply property – it’s an emotional attachment. Doing the right thing and selling can be a tough decision to make; however with experienced buyers like RAW Capital, you will know what your house could potentially get on today’s competitive market in Boerne. Make sure you’re making informed decisions!

RAW Capital professional buyers guarantee you a straightforward route for selling your home, so that the process is comfortable and convenient. They will provide all the pertinent information upfront to compare what an offer from them looks like against listing your property – their aim being to get you on board with understanding why theirs may be fairer. Additionally, they can suggest a closing date within days of making the offer; if that doesn’t work for you however then no problem; RAW Capital‘s team are happy to arrange whatever works best around your schedule! Call RAW Capital at (360)-504-6710.

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